Yong HUANG, Associate Professor





1993-1997, B.S.,Peking University, Department of Chemistry 

1997-2002, M.S., Ph.D.,The University of Chicago, Advisor: Viresh H. Rawal


2002-2004, Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology,

Advisor: David W. C. MacMillan

2004-2009, Merck & Co., Senior Research Scientist
, Peking University, Shenzhen Graduate School, Principal Investigator (Pengcheng Professor)

2015-2019, Peking University, Shenzhen Graduate School, Principal Investigator (tenured Professor)

2019-present, The University of Science and Technology, Associate Professor


The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 2018 

Asia Core Program Lectureship Award (by Japan), 2018  

The first prize of natural science of Shenzhen Municipality, 2018  

Asia Core Program Lectureship Award (by Singapore), 2015 

Roche Chinese Young Investigator Award, 2014 

ACS and Organic Letters “Outstanding Author of the Year”, 2014 

Bayer Investigator Award, 2014 

New Century Excellent Talents in University, MOE, China, 2013 


The Huang group is focused on the development of highly selective catalytic transformations. We are particularly interested in reactions involving a well-defined transient reaction intermediate. How to control the reactivity and selectivity of these highly reactive species is intriguing. The discovery of hidden reactivity and alternative strategies to control selectivity offer endless opportunities for synthetic innovation. With this main theme in place, we strive to develop state-of-the-art synthetic technologies that will find immediate applications in natural products synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and chemical biology.